July 30th 2021

Treasure Map Trans.png

Ahoy Lanndlubbers!

Want to grab yourself some Pieces of Eight? Then pull up a seat and listen to me tale.

On July 30th 2021 Get yourself to where X marks the spot and you'll be press-ganged to the crew.

Notorious Pirate-Kings, One-eyed Cockbain, and Long-John Richard have hidden pieces of eight along the Norfolk Coast, and beyondfor those that care to venture inland.

When you join the crew you'll be handed a fine velvety treasure box, that has space for eighths inside. You'll set off on your voyage to the first anchor point (around 60mk) to information to locate your first nearby piece of eight. Once retreived, should you decide to sail on, you'll be provided the location of the next anchorage. Intervals between each will vary, some shorter, some not. Each piece of eight is a fine themed-treasure in it's own right.

You'll continue towards the edge of the world as long as you have the sea-legs, collecting pieces of eight along the way. The total distance of the entire route mighjt vary between 200 and 210 miles depending on the final section choice. Only the hardiest sailors are expected to reach the Dead Man's Chest.

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Two Options:

Walk the Plank: Standalone 60km event from Norwich to Great Yarmouth 

Dead Man's Ultra: The full voyage. You choose when to stop. Anything up to 200+ miles

If you quit the voyage or mutiny, your hand will be marked with the Black Spot!


All crew will sign on at Norwich. You'll be given:


  • GPS Tracking Device from Track Trail ®

  • A three-word location. You'll need to use the "What Three Words" website or app, to pinpoint the exact location of the first bounty in Great Yarmouth (and subsequent locations)

  • The Pieces of Eight are as follows (see the photos below)

    • Cast Iron Canons: 60km

    • Copper Cutlass: 50 Miles

    • Pyrite Pistol: 75 Miles

    • Black Pearl: 100 Miles

    • Bronze Bounty: 125 Miles

    • Long John Silver: 150 Miles

    • Golden Compass: 175 Miles

    • Dead Man's Chest: 200+ Miles

  • A personal velvety treasure box to mount your pieces of eight when you find them (see photos)

What can I expect?

During the first leg of your voyage includes a very short river crossing.  You'll all need to carry 50 pence to "pay the ferryman". You may have heard the myths about "Don't pay the ferryman". Ignore that, he really won't take you over unless you pay up!

The entire route is on major, well-known and easy to follow footpaths. The event is not a navigation exercise. The routes to the major locations are easy to follow. You'll have to use the What Three Words to narrow the search when in the final hundred metres.

The event will be organised and operated under government and our own Covid guidelines to ensure your safety. We sucessfully ran several covid-safe events in 2020.

There will be several water top-up points located on the 60km route to Great Yarmouth, but you will otherwise be self-sufficient.

For those venturing on from Great Yarmouth there are an abundance of places to resupply along the coast, but we will backfill with additional water stops in some locations where necessary. You may also find a few "supplies or treats" in with the treasure from time to time.

Distance:      60km to 200+ miles 

Time Limit:  60 hours

Ascent:         Not a lot,

Register:      Suffer.Lined.Boot


  • Walk The Plank - Great Yarmouth

  • Dead Man's Ultra - Norwich

Marking:      X Marks the Spot


Places are limited, to maintain easy registration and social distancing at the start and at CPs

Dead Man's Ultra £88 (Limited to just 88 places)

(two pieces of eight!) 

Your choice when to stop up to 200 miles

Walk The Plank: £50 (limited to only 30 places)

 Fixed 60km event from Norwich to Great Yarmouth



Treasure Map Trans.png
Treasure Map Trans.png