Find below the answers to common questions.  If you have more then why not ask them on the Beyond Marathon Community Facebook Page, or the Cockbain Events (The Hard Stuff) Facebook page.

Frequently asked questions

What are the qualification criteria?

18 and old enough to walk the plank

Is the event sign-posted. Will I have to navigate?

The navigation is using well known, easy to follow trails. Navigation is not meant to be the challenge. We recommend you bring yer own GPS devices or phone app. You'll be given What Three words locations for the locations. A pirate-themed tracking map will mark the spots with a X and periodic intervals.

Can I have a pacer?

No. If yer seen with one, it's the plank and Davy Jones locker for yer

Can I use walking sticks?

No. Don't ask again, or you'll be keel-hauled

What is the refund policy?

No refunds possible, but you can sell your place privately to someone else as long as they meet the qualification criteria. Once you have sold the place privately, you can edit the participant details on the event entry system yourself.

Is there Treasure?

Pieces of Eight. Yes, indeed me hearties; pieces of Eight! You'll collect one Piece of Eight in the vicinity of each CP. Each one is individually themed, and one Eighth of an overall Reales. It comes is a classy box fit for a pirate king.

Are places limited?

Yes, 100 places, plus 10 guaranteed reserves.

How many checkpoints are there, and what is available?

There are no manned-checkpoints. The event is self-sufficient and so naturaly socially distanced.

Is there a mandatory kit list?

No, just a recommended list. We will not kit check you. You would be wise to carry suitable waterproofs, sufficient extra clothing, maps, drinks bottles (rum), extra food, first aid etc

Can I bring a bag for the organisation to transport ?

No, this is a self-sufficient race. You will use shops along the way for resupply. After the start, you are cut loose to sail the seas.

Is there a GPS tracker ?

Yes, and it's on a special pirate-themed Tracking map from www.tracktrail.co.uk

Is there medical support?

No, it's every man for himself.

What is the cut-off time? What happens if I retire?

60 hours or until you drop. You can quit where you like and take yourself back home you useless landlubber

Can I have a support crew?

Yes. Your crew can support you on the route for resupply. But remember no pacing or face the plank.